Capillary Oxygen Content

The Capillary Oxygen Content (CcO2) definition is the amount of oxygen bound to hemoglobin (1.34 * Hb) plus the oxygen dissolved in plasma (0.0031 * PAO2) in the capillaries

The Capillary Oxygen Content equation: CcO2 = (1.34 * Hb) + (0.0031 * PaO2).

The normal oxygen combining capacity is 1.39 mls/gram, however due to abnormal forms of hemoglobin such as carboxyhemoglobin and methemoglobin this value is reduced to 1.34 mls/gram.

Hgb is Hemoglobin, the normal Hgb for males is 14-20 g/dl and females 12-15 g/dl. Hgb expressed as g/dl is equivalent to g Hgb/100 mL of Blood.

SaO2 is the percentage of available hemoglobin that is saturated with oxygen, this value is from a direct measurement of an arterial blood gas. SaO2 is assumed to be 100% thus exempt from equation.

0.0031 is the solubility coefficient of oxygen at body temperature.

PAO2 is the Alveolar Oxygen Tension in mmHg.

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